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Homeowners Association
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This page was last updated on: October 6, 2014
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Homeowners Association
Homeowners AssociationHomeowners AssociationHomeowners Association
Homeowners Association
Homeowners Association of Lake Ramsey

To the residents of Lake Ramsey,
You will be receiving a ballot for the 2015 Annual meeting and election in your mail very soon.  If you receive a ballot for a previous owner or should you not receive a ballot by the end of the month you should contact the management company via email, robert@gnoproperty.com. 

The first item you will be asked to vote on concerns the late payment of HOA fees. One step in encouraging residents to pay their HOA fees, in a timely fashion, is included in this request for change. Residents who wish to remain in "good standing" should pay their HOA fees when due. Residents should understand that these fees are used to maintain the streets, provide electricity and phone lines for the gates, maintain and repair drains, survey the health of the lake, stocking the lake with fish, keep the green spaces cut, maintain the playground area and the miscellaneous cost of running the business of Lake Ramsey. The Board ask that you approve this item to provide the funds that are needed to make this a great place to live.

The Board has found it very difficult to find replacements for those members going off the Board.  In fact, the only two persons willing to serve on the 2015 and 2016 Board are David Caldwell and Paulette Hecker.  Both will be automatically voted into membership.  In the past there has been 9 members serving 2 year terms with half leaving each year (5 one year and 4 the next).  Before the management company began assisting in the business and day-to-day running of the HOA. nine members were helpful in distributing the work load.  However, since GNO Management has been employed, the work load of the Board has decreased dramatically. GNO Management Company manages the HOA Homeowner fees and their collection (this is a very detailed function), they gather bids for various maintenance work that needs to be done, keep up with the ever changing mailing list of lot/home owners and actually handle the financial aspect of the HOA.   The Board finds that it is no longer necessary to have 9 persons sit on the Board. Therefore, between the difficulty of finding residents willing to serve and existing work load of the Board, our present members voted on a by-law change which is listed as the second item on the ballot.  We urge you to consider this change.  Previsions for the option of a 9, 7 or 5 member board are given in the recorded records of Lake Ramsey.

lease keep this information in your thoughts when you cast your ballot.  Your vote is important, your ballot may be mailed to, GNO Property Management,826 Union Street, Suite 200, New Orleans, LA 70112 or faxed to 1-504-566-4795. It should be received before Oct. 16, prior to the meeting on Oct. 18 at 2:00 P.M. The meeting will be held at the fire station on Hwy. 36.

Thank you, HOA Board

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Homeowners Association
Homeowners AssociationHomeowners AssociationHomeowners Association
Homeowners Association
Lake Ramsey Garden Club

Meeting Minutes:          September 2014
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The officers are:

Kathy Crouchet      -  President
Kathy Hymel           - Recording Secretary
Darlene Parlipiano  - Corresponding Secretary
Jane Griffiths          - Treasurer
Nancy Hotard          - Parliamentarian