Lake Ramsey Civic Association
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Lake Ramsey Garden Club

We meet on the second Monday of each month, September through May
President                          Sandy Miller
Recording Secretary     Darlene Parlipiano
Treasurer                          Jane Griffiths
Parliamentarian               Kathy Lyons
A Private Lake Community
Lake Club

Recreational and Fishing Association of Lake Ramsey

The lock at the boat launch has been changed to electronic smartphone access.

click here for lake information
President                   Evelyn Matherne          
V. President              Debbie Abbott     
Treasurer                   Kathy Zeringue   
Secretary                   Darlene Parlipiano          
Sgt. at Arms              Jane Griffiths
Homeowners Association of Lake Ramsey

The monthly meetings are usually held on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7 PM, the next meeting should be December 26th at the Highway 25 Fire Station in Covington

Click here for more information on the Homeowners Association
The officers are:
The officers are:
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