David Caldwell  -   President
Riverlake Drive
985-400-5082 / Cell 703-595-8980  -  email

Sam Fauntleroy  -  Vice-President
Lake Bend Drive
985-264-6181  -  email

Dimy (Dimetry) Cossich
S. Lakeshore Drive
985-809-1889 / Cell 504-912-9933  -  email

John Gross
Riverlake Drive
240-429-5318  -  email

GNO Property Management:
D.J. Audiburt        www.gnoproperty.com    (504) 528-7028     Fax: (504) 566-4795
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Billy Abbott  -  Secretary
Ramsey Court
Cell 318-789-0905  -  email

Maria Baronich  -  Treasurer
S. Lakeshore Drive
985-400-5088  -  email

Susan Huff
Riverlake Drive
985-888-6458  -  email

      Committee Chairs:

David Caldwell, Chair
Backup:  John Gross, Sam Fauntleroy

Sam Fauntleroy, Chair; John Gross, Maria Baronich

Dimetry Cossich and Billy Abbott

Streets & Drains: 
David Caldwell
Homeowner's Association of Lake Ramsey
Board of Directors for 2020

The monthly meetings are usually held on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7 PM,
the next meeting will be January 23rd at the Highway 25 Fire Station in Covington