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1. The Homeowners Association of Lake Ramsey, Inc. Board of Directors (HALRI) or their designee is responsible for Lake Rules and Regulations enforcement.

2. Use of the lake is limited to Lake Ramsey property owners who are in good standing with the HALRI and who have been legally dedicated the right to the use of the lake by covenants. It will be the responsibility of each Lake Ramsey property owner to abide by and enforce the Lake Rules for their family and guests. All Lake Ramsey property owners are bounded by and charged for Lake Rule enforcement. Lake Ramsey property owners are liable and responsible for the conduct and actions of their family and guests. The Lake Ramsey property owner is responsible for any fine(s) incurred by their guest for violations of Lake or Fishing Rules. All fines levied are due within thirty (30) days of notification.

 3. All Lake Ramsey property owner's boats, (Powered or non-powered) canoes, kayaks and jet skis used in Lake Ramsey shall be registered with the HALRI and require a Lake Ramsey Sticker to be displayed or available onboard upon request while on the lake.

4. A permanent sticker can be revoked by a majority vote of the HALRI board for violations of Lake rules and the watercraft will be banned on the lake until reinstated by the HALRI board. 

5. Lake Ramsey property owners in good standing with the HALRI are eligible for a boat launch key. Loaning or transferring their key to anyone launching illegally is prohibited and can result in the Lake Ramsey property owner forfeiting their key for a season.


6. ALL Guest watercrafts must provide proof of liability insurance AND CANNOT OPERATE WITHOUT INSURANCE ON THE LAKE.

7. Guest watercraft may be operated only when the Lake Ramsey property owner is present in the boat and a copy of the property owners Identification is available.

8. Guests must stop and show identification if stopped by any Lake Ramsey property owner or anyone hired or authorized by the HALRI board to police the lake.

9. The guest privilege can be revoked anytime by a HALRI board member or an authorized agent of the board for guest failing to adhere to the rules established by the HALRI. The guest watercraft then has to be immediately removed from the lake.

10. All watercraft on the lake is subject to the Louisiana State Laws governing watercraft on Louisiana waters and the HALRI rules. Obey all signs on the lake.

11. During the period between sunset and sunrise, no skiing or personal watercraft (jet skis, wave runners, etc) are allowed on the lake.

12. Between sunset and sunrise all watercraft on the lake must have lights as required by Louisiana State Regulations.

13. No person under the age of 16 shall operate a motorized watercraft unless accompanied by an adult. This includes jet skis.

14. No person shall operate a watercraft in a reckless or unsafe manner. a. The practice of one Jet Ski attempting to spray another Jet Ski or Boat is considered extremely dangerous and reckless operation and will not be tolerated due to safety reasons. This is a violation of Lake Rules. b. Running behind a boat that is towing riders on a tube or Skis/Wakeboard to jump the waves is considered dangerous and is a violation of Lake Rules.

15. All riders on Jet Skis are required to wear Coast Guard approved life jackets.

16. No watercraft racing is allowed.

17. No person shall operate any watercraft while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

18. No person shall operate any watercraft so as to approach or pass another watercraft in such a manner or at such a rate of speed as to create a hazardous wake or wash.

19. In addition to the boat operator, a boat towing skier, tubers, etc. must have another person (at least 10 yrs. of age) in a position to observe persons being towed, unless a rear-view mirror has been installed so the operator can also be an observer.

20. Non-motorized watercraft shall have the right of way overpowered watercraft.

21. Only single engine watercraft is allowed on the lake.

22. No airboats are allowed on the lake at any time.

23. No watercraft with horsepower exceeding Coast Guard recommendations is allowed.

24. No watercraft with open exhausts is allowed.

25. No watercraft shall exceed 24 ft (except pontoon boats).

26. Motorized watercraft traveling in excess of idle speed shall not operate closer than 100ft from shore.

27. All watercraft should operate outside the 100 foot markers and when watercraft is within 100 feet of shore, the watercraft shall operate at idle speed and shall move continuously past each homeowner’s property. Please respect each other’s privacy.

28. No watercraft (unless disabled) shall be anchored or remain motionless within 100 ft of a homeowner’s shoreline.

29. All watercraft traveling outside the 100 ft limit must operate in a counter-clockwise direction except when picking up a downed skier or tuber.

30. Buoys must not be placed more than 100 ft from the shoreline.

31. All swimmers must stay within 100 ft from shore unless accompanied by a watercraft within 25 ft of swimmer.

32. Placement of movable or non-movable objects in the lake is prohibited unless approved by the HALRI board. This includes underwater structure. 

33. Filling in the lake beyond an owner’s property line is prohibited.

34. Dumping of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. in the lake is prohibited unless approved by the HALRI board.

35. Throwing trash, cans, bottles, seafood shells, etc. into the lake is prohibited.

36. Harassment of any and all wildlife is prohibited.

37. The lake level is to be controlled by the HALRI board. 


The Homeowners Association of Lake Ramsey, Inc. Board of Directors (HALRI) or their designee is responsible for Fishing Rules enforcement.

1. Only those property owners (and their guests) in good standing with the Lake Ramsey Homeowners Association are allowed to fish the lake and common areas that provide access to the lake.

2. Fishing licenses are not required for property owners or their guests.

3. Guest fishing is allowed only when the property owner is present on the common areas or in their guest’s boat.

4. When fishing behind homes, you should keep your boat moving as per Lake Rules. Please respect the privacy of your neighbors.

5. All bass are to be returned to the lake. No Bass shall be harvested form Lake Ramsey at this time. These limits will be adjusted by the HALRI Board based on scientific management of the lake.

6. All Grass Carp must be removed from the lake .

7. All catfish are to be removed from the lake 

8. Limits on Crappie are 30 per person per day.

9. Use of seines, trout lines and slat traps is forbidden. Jug fishing is allowed with dead bait only and a limit of 10 jugs per boat. Jugs must be attended at all times.

10. Cast nets can be used to catch bait only. 

11. Do not block the roadway around the boat launch

The board near the launch will have basic rules and fish limits and regulations posted.
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