Homeowners Association Gate Access
Resident/Property Owner/Contractors:
City/State Zip Code::
Phone #:
Main Email Address
Names of Users or Names of Vehicles for Long-Range tags:
Secondary Email:
Contractors (lawn service, house keepers, etc) can be issued a 4-digit code that cannot be shared, skip to comments to request a code.

There are of three types of Gate Cards for Lake Ramsey:
  1. Short Range Cards, 2. Long Range Cards, and 3. Windshield Stickers

Listed on Gate Directory:
Identify caller, then press 9 to open visitor's gate
Short-Range Gate Cards Needed (2 free per lot):
Long-Range Card cost $20.00 each:
Windshield Tags cost $20.00 each:
Total Due: (checks only, made out to: HALRI)
Robo Call:
Phone # if different from above:
Cell-Gate Video: 
Comments or Notes:
Additional Short-Range Cards Needed ($10 per): 
Gate Requirements and Regulations
1.     Gate Cards are issued after the individual has purchased property. Owners are issued up to four short range gate cards at no charge, assigned to the licensed drivers within the household.

2.    The long-range card or window sticker cost the resident $20.00 per card or sticker. These are limited to the number of vehicles in the family and are assigned to the vehicle.

3.    Contractors (including lawn service, house cleaners, pool service, etc) will not be issued gate cards, but can get self-access. Property owners must grant access to short term contractors. Long term contractor access is for new home construction, extended renovation or construction are examples. The Gate Code will be issued for a specific period and will be deactivated upon completion of the construction or renovation. If these codes are used by anyone other than the contractor, the access will be revoked.

4.    Residents may also request a one-time gate code for personal gatherings which will be issued for a specific period during the event and then deactivated. Residents requesting a short-term gate code must instruct visitors not to park where they block traffic to allow emergency vehicles access through the subdivision.  

5.    It is important for Residents to remember, we are a Gated, Lake Community. It is important for each Resident to be conscience of safety both on and off the lake. Being responsible for your cards keep this a safer community. 

6.    Please also be familiar with the Boating and Fishing Guidelines.  Click here for those regulations