At around 6am Saturday March 22nd an intrepid group of approximately 35 bass fisherman assembled in 13 boats to ply their skills in order to participate in the ample prize money offered by the Lake Ramsey Civic Association’s annual Fishing Rodeo.  In addition a number of landlocked fisherman tried to empty the lake of excess catfish and carp.  When the smoke cleared at precisely 12:15 the following emerged as the most skilled:

             First Place:  The team of Donnie Tumbleston, Jr. and Guy Pellichino weighed in five bass at 12.15 pounds to claim the $200 prize money.

             Second Place:  The team of Chase Gourgues, Austin Lacour and Matt Shubert weighed in at 11.7 pounds to claim the $150 prize money.

             Third Place:  The team of our own Jim Ellingsworth with son Jamie and grandson J.P. weighed in with 11.55 pounds with the largest single fish of 4.2 pounds to get the third place money of $75.

             And finally after many barren years the red hot team of Joe and Darlene Parlipiano made off with the enormous sum of $25 with a string of catfish and carp weighing 12.5 pounds closely followed by the Bayard family with 8 pounds of catfish, carp and an illegal Sacalait.
             There was however a bit of stink raised by some of the Hayden grandkids claiming an 18 pound carp.  They were disqualified for odorous reasons.


The following people made the tournament possible:
First, Gary and Myra Forbes for providing the trailer that made the whole checkin process a lot more pleasant and for their help in set up and check in.

For Lee Hayden for first letting us use his wife and for his help in running the weigh in.

For Ursule Panek for fetching the donuts that dissappeared quickly Saturday morning.

For Tim Bayard for fetching and icing the drinks.

For Jan Miller unselfishly providing the kids gifts out of his own pocket.

And for Charles Cranford as the hareem master keeping the ladies happy.

And finally for the one person that makes the whole thing go, Claire Hayden manning the check in and weight tally while remaining unbleievably calm while the man in charge was running  around willy nilly.

And thanks to Clair Hayden the photographer
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