The Civic Association Fishing Rodeo held on March 3. 2003 was won by Russell Aucoin (son of Clyde and Pam Aucoin) 13177 Riverlake Dr. with a four fish total of 9 pounds 5 ounces.  Second place went to Lynn Ferguson fishing with his sister in law  Erica Buschel 13310 Riverlake Dr. with a four fish total of 8 pounds 11 ounces.  Third place went to Ron Bild of 14119 Riverlake Dr. with a four fish total of 8 pounds 3 ounces.  The largest single fish weighing 5 pounds 3 ounces was caught by Tony Arcuri of 14143 S. Lakeshore Dr.
The winner received $100, Second Place $75 and Third Place $25.  The largest bass was worth $ 50 to Tony.  Most fisherman caught fish with only a few getting skunked. 

The event attracted 27 adult fisherman and 8 children.  The largest fish caught in the children's division was a 3 pound 3 ounce catfish caught by Alexis Lutz.  The largest bass was caught by Dalton Hebert fishing with his Granddad, Ron Bild and weighted 2 pounds 4 ounces.  A 1 pound 1 ounce Bass was caught by Arlete Lauber and a 1 pound bass was caught by Brannan Lauber fishing with Paula Kelly 14173 S. Lakeshore Dr.  Lance Giarrusso  nephew of Charlie Giarrusso caught a 14 ounce bass fishing with his dad and Jim Walther of 13257 Riverlake Dr. All children in the competition won prizes that were skillfully purchased by Jan Miller.

Following the rodeo the group was treated to a crawfish boil.  Approximately 75 people enjoyed the crawfish and trimmings staged at the Panek's house after the 11 o'clock weight in.  Over 300 pounds of expertly boiled crawfish, purchased from our own Joe Urick at Ramsey Seafood, were prepared by Bob Martin, Ronnie Laporte, Gary Hirstius, and  Bob Robinson.  Charlie Giarrusso was an early participant in the preparation of the crawfish but after sacrificing a chunk of his finger (8 stitches) he has been banned from all future events where knives are used.  A great cadre of ladies helped with the fishermen registration, weigh in and clean up.  They were Kathy Zeringue, Sandy Miller, Leslie Barrios, Cheryl Christen and Ursule Panek.  Louis Zeringue, Charlie Giarrusso and Ron Bild helped with the planning.   A special thank you also goes out to Rudy Booth of Reed's Grocery who let us use his Dumpster to dispose of our trash.

Rumor has it that next years event is in the planning already.  Hone your fishing and crawfish picking skills for next year's event.

click on image for larger photo taken by Cindy Giarusso