Builder and Construction Regulations

These regulations are posted to protect the property, beauty and privacy of the neighborhood during construction of residences and other approved structures.

It is the responsibility of the lot owner to inform their contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers of these regulations and to monitor the construction site to ensure compliance.
To ensure quality construction and the safety of all workers, no contractor or service personnel may bring firearms, illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages on the property.
Contractors and their employees are guests of the lot owners, and as such, the lot owner is responsible for their conduct.  Speeding, disorderly conduct and visitation other than normal work hours will result in a loss of guest privileges.
A job toilet must be located on all lots during construction.
The contractor is responsible for trash and debris that might litter the street and waterway.  This includes but is not limited to mud, slag, and other construction refuse. Trash should be stored in a dumpster on the job site or be removed on a regular basis.
No 18-wheeled trucks are to be used to deliver dirt/fill for any lot (tandem loads only).
All dirt/concrete trucks to have a maximum 12 yards dirt/fill & seven (7) yards of concrete.
Stockpiling of building materials or trash on the street is prohibited.
Dumping of materials in waterways or wetlands is not allowed.
Construction trailers are not permitted on any common areas.
Parking is allowed only on the lot side of the street or on the construction site.  Parking on an adjacent lot is prohibited.
Construction vehicles or trailers may not be left overnight on the street.
Washing of any truck or vehicle on the street is prohibited.
Washing of concrete delivery and pumping trucks on the street, adjacent lots, wetlands, or common areas is prohibited.
The Gate will be closed on Saturday and Sunday not allowing access for construction. (Special arrangements can be made with the owner for access).
Construction will not be allowed before 7:00 A.M., Monday through Friday, and 8:00 A.M., Saturday and Sunday if approved.
No heavy equipment or large trucks will be allowed on weekends, as the gate cannot facilitate those types of vehicles. (For further clarification call 966-5052)
Posting of signs and notices are limited to permits and subcontractor signs required by regulatory agencies and one sign for the builder and architect (not to exceed 6 Square feet).  All signs must be removed prior to occupancy or upon completion of the structure.
All lot assessments must be current prior to architectural review approval.
Any connections to utilities within the subdivision must be arranged with the service provider.
oWater, Sewer: Artesian Utility Company, Inc. (985)809-2070. 
oElectricity: Washington-St. Tammany Elec. (985)643-6612, 839-3562, 796-3679, or 892-8804.
Any connections made without proper authorization will be cause for fines and prosecution by various state and local governmental agencies.


GNO Property Management will have the authority to enforce the above regulations.  Violations of these regulations will be reported to the lot owner and contractor, and violations must be stopped immediately upon notification.  In the event corrective action is required to remedy a violation or repair damage to streets, curbs, landscaping, signs, or other common property, the owner and/or builder will be held responsible.
Parish Rules on Bulkheads and Structures
(As of 12/8/03)

·Bulkheads must be built on the property owner’s lot. 

·Only bulkheads and flat work are allowed without a permit.

·Any structure of more than 100 sq. feet requires a building permit.

·Nothing is to be built over the water unless it is contained within the property owner’s lot boundaries.

·No filling of the lake is to take place.

Click here for the Application for Modification form to be submitted to GNO Property Management

Please refer to Article V of the Covenants titled “Architectural Control” and Article VI, Section 11 of the Covenants which states in part, “The plans and specifications for each residence constructed in said Development shall be submitted to the Developer or the designated representative or assigns, for approval prior to commencement of construction of any improvements upon any lots.”  The Homeowners Association of Lake Ramsey is the authority to which the plans must be submitted for approval.